TEXT Messaging
If you want to reach your customers no matter where they are, and be able to deliver a promotion or special to them at the day and time of your choosing, then our text message service is for you! Learn more here
Facebook for Bowling
Every bowling center needs to harness this social media vehicle to drive more traffic. There is a BIG difference between having a page, and having one that works for you. Let us show you the difference! Learn more here  
Tired of your old, stale website? Looking for a website that's a positive reflection on your center?  Want a website that is kept current without having to do it yourself? We have the AFFORDABLE solution for you - learn more here    
Email Marketing
We design, format, deliver, and track e-newsletters to your customers for as little as pennies per email. These are not generic, automated email blasts - but custom designed every month for your center! Learn more here  
Social Media Monitoring
People are talking….about your business. Do you know what they are saying? With our Social Media Monitoring for Bowling service, we will track reviews made about your center on a dozen different social media sites.  You won’t have to wonder what is being said online about your center – you will know!  Learn more here
Rewards Program

Rewards Program

We are working on a hi-tech, affordable solution. Stay tuned for details...

 Bowling is INVISIBLE! 

The truth is that to most of the public, bowling is invisible.
Our services will help make your business more visible to people in your community.
More visibility = more traffic thru your door, and that means greater cash flow!


We are the largest provider of internet marketing services to bowling centers in more than 30 states and Canada.
Created by former bowling proprietor Carey Tosello, eBowl.biz brings high-tech, low-cost marketing tools to bowling centers of all sizes.  We provide email marketing, websites, text messaging, and facebook services.


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