These are just a few of the testimonials from bowling centers who use our services!

“I use Facebook for Bowling from at all three of my centers. They reach thousands of people everyday with our content and business is very, very good as a result. I highly recommend!”

Jamie Brooks
BPAA Past President
Plano Super Bowl, Plano TX

“We were one of the first Centers to partner with Carey and Wow, the customer service is great, and the Products Work flawlessly. I highly suggest that you give Carey a call to setup a meeting, he will JUMP START your Business.”

Pat Essy
Lava Lanes, Bend, OR

“I was skeptical at first about spending more money on our website, but now that I see this is not just a remake of the old site. I believe there is a lot more power behind it’s design that we have yet to see.”

Frank Ruggerie
Colerain Bowl, OH

“We really like the way it looks on mobile and how easy is to work with. It is a perfect fit for the many of us in this industry that just don’t have the
time to dedicate. I appreciate how hands off I can be with this product.” 

Jeff Rizzardo
Trindle Bowl, PA

“I walked thru my center on a busy Saturday night and asked every customer how they heard about us. Most of them said Facebook.  Thank you!”

Purtis Marks
Diablo Valley Bowl, CA

“The increase in my birthday party business alone the past year has more than paid for my Facebook for Bowling service. Thank you!”  

Dennis Jaworski
Bellefonte Lanes, PA

5 Stars! The transition to the new BowlRx website was very easy, and it is a great reflection on my business.”

Gary Handler
Waveland Bowl, IL

“We promoted our Halloween special ONLY using Facebook and text messaging from The results were a $1400 revenue increase over the same day last year. This stuff really works!”

Dan Mueller
Buena Lanes, CA

“Thanks so much for sending out that text blast yesterday about our “St. Patrick’s Day” special. We have had a great response: moms, dads and kids started coming in as soon as we opened today!”

Sherry Mackenzie
Harvest Park Bowl, CA