Text Messaging

Developed specifically for Bowling Centers


Are you ready to put text messaging to work in your center?
Now you can – easily and without a big budget!

Consider that:

text messages have a read rate of over 90%
there are over 300 million cell phones in the US
messages can be delivered at a specific time & day
users will opt-in to your list

Our service provides:

account set-up and keyword selection
tips on how to build your list
2-3 text blasts to your list each month
we will format your message and deliver it for you
monthly text tips for bowling centers
monthly tracking of text blasts
Raffle feature – unlimited use: you gotta see this here…
Drawings – reward those who join your text club with weekly/monthly prizes
Birthday Club – we can auto send a text on their birthday

What do our customers say
about our service?

“this is easy”

“over $300 generated from my last text offer”

“30 customers came in with my text offer –
paid for 3 months of your service right there”

“89 people showed up with my text offer
at $8 each = $712! This really works”

“received 9 phone calls within 90 minutes
of my text blast – ended up with 15 lanes & double the bar revenue for the night”


If you want to reach your customers no matter where they are, and be able to deliver a promotion or special
to them at the day and time of your choosing, then this is the service for you!
At eBowl.biz we make it easy for you because we know bowling –
plus we NEVER require a long-term service agreement.

Raffles – Drawings – Birthday Club are all included!
Take a look here 

Set-up fee of $69
Our monthly fees are a flat rate based on the size of your list – starting at just $69/month – and includes 3 custom keywords

Check out our successful text tips here

Ready to get started?
Have some questions about how the service works?
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