Our service includes the set-up of text messaging raffles. So instead of running a raffle on paper, you can give away a prize by having people text-in to enter. It is cool, high-tech, and people love it! Plus – you capture their number to use for future text blasts!

Imagine….a large group comes in the center:

Who are they?
When will they return?
How can I contact them to invite them back to my center?

With our raffle feature you could thank them for coming in by giving away a couple of pizzas or gift cards. They text in to enter the raffle and we send back winning notices to as many as you choose. Plus we capture their cell numbers so you can invite them back again in the future!

Some uses of raffles:

win a pizza during open bowling or glow bowling

win a gift certificate or game card

win a free pitcher of soda

win a bowling party

the possibilities are endless!

Or make it a ‘value-added’ part of your glow bowling event. Instead of falling into the discounting trap, why not add value to your glow bowling event by giving away FREE pizza. For example, you could promote that you are giving away 4 FREE pizzas – 2 at 10pm and 2 more at 11pm. Value to your customers could be $60+ with a low food cost to you. Plus you will sell more pizzas when they see them being delivered! And you will capture those numbers for future text blasts!

Easy to use: we train you on how to run the raffles and you can operate it from your cell phone!
Run it anytime – as often as you want!



Birthday Club included in every account!
We will send a text 1 week prior to their birthday, letting them know to watch for a special offer coming for their birthday.  This will get them thinking about bowling just in time for their big day.  This is followed by a birthday greeting/offer the day before their birthday. All part of your text service with us!


With our drawing feature we can send out weekly or monthly prizes to those in your text club. You decide how often and how many winners we send to. This can be a great selling point if you promote that you are giving away a prize (like a $50 gift card) every month to those in the club. We set it up so it runs automatically!

All the above are included with every account – and as with all of our services, there is no contract to sign.
Give it a try for 90 days and see what it can do for your business!