Looking for some ideas on how to build your list of customer emails?
Here are some tried and tested methods that our customers have found success with:

Raffles –

  • Raffle off an iPod, iPad, or whatever the latest techy thing is. If you run the raffle for a month you could gather hundreds of new emails
  • Raffle off bowling equipment
  • Raffle off a free bowling party
    Make sure you state that the winner will be notified by email. That way you will get accurate, legible emails!

Offer in Exchange –

  • Offer free shoe rental in exchange for a filled out card. Stagger the days & times that you run this. Run it for a week, then wait till next month to run it again. Or run it on a different day each week.
  • Offer a free game (good on next visit) with a filled out card.
  • Offer a large soda pop for the price of a small with a filled out card.

Employee Perks –

  • pay your staff for each filled out card – at least 25c each.
  • hold a contest with a prize for the employee with the most filled out cards.
  • make a game of it!

Coupon Form –

  • require that EVERY coupon that is redeemed have a coupon form filled out. Make sure your form is simple and quick to fill out – get name, email, birth month. You can have a local printer print them up in pads so it is easy for your staff to peel one off and hand it out. Tell your staff – no form, no coupon!

And beyond all of these ideas – ASK EVERY CUSTOMER!
Not everyone will give you an email, but the ones that do are telling you they will come back if you remind them!

Tell your customers that the info will only be used by your center to send out monthly info and offers, and they can drop from the list at any time.