Why use email marketing?

People love to bowl. Every study ever done has shown that the #1 reason people don’t bowl more often is they don’t think about it! It is difficult to cut through all the marketing clutter to remind them.

Well, we have the answer – our email marketing service will remind your customers every month about your center!

Why should you have us run your email campaigns?
Here are a few reasons to consider:

    • we use a sophisticated software platform custom designed for our use.
    • we take care of design, delivery and tracking.
    • we keep your view rates up by including graphics, photos, and links to make the message easier and more fun for the customer to read.
    • our tracking reports will tell you how many were sent, how many were viewed, and how many times each link in the email was clicked.
  • you provide us with your existing promotions each month, and we do the rest! After all, you’re in the bowling business, not the email marketing business.
  • plus – we have 30+ years experience in bowling operations. So we know the bowling business!

Who uses eBowl.biz for their email marketing? 
Our smallest center is 10 lanes, our largest is 80 lanes. We work with bowling centers in more than 30 states, and both independent proprietors and multi-center operations have us run their email campaigns. You can see some testimonials right here…

“Carey Tosello and his team at eBowl.biz deliver exactly what every bowling center needs: an effective, cost-efficient way to reach your customers.  Feel free to contact me and I will share how it makes a difference in my business.”
Bruce Davis, President
TeamUP Associates
“You and your team have helped us take bowling electronic communication to new heights, never before seen in the bowling business.”
Scott Frager, Publisher
International Bowling Industry Magazine

If you are using BPAA Customer Connect, we can help you get the most from that software without a lot of effort on your part. Ask us how!

If you would you like an online demo of our service, just email us your contact info, or call us at 541-549-0999.  The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can put your list to work for you!