How to read the Tracking Report

This report details the number delivered, number viewed, and number of clicks per link, for each campaign. Note that “ Viewers” refers to how many different customers viewed the email, and that “ Views” is how many times the email was opened. The difference between these two numbers indicates that the email was forwarded to other people, or was viewed more then once.

If your customer views their emails as text only, or has images blocked, we are not able to count those as views. So more of your customers  are viewing your message then we are able to confirm. We estimate that your view rate is at least 10% higher.

The number of your customers that have asked to be removed from future emails (unsubscribes) is listed in the last column. We will automatically block these from receiving future email campaigns.

The delivered column shows the number (and %) of buy emails successfully delivered.

Rejected emails (bounces) : Most of our accounts do not use the list of bounced emails to clean up their in-house list, so we only provide this report upon request.

email studies have shown that average “view” rates for e-newsletters run around 20%, depending on the quality of the list and if the content is kept fresh. A Click Rate above 30% is considered good, above 60% is excellent.

Emails that were not viewed can be due to a number of factors including:
recipient has text only email or has images blocked.
(even though some of these are viewed, we are not able to track them)
the message was viewed in the recipients preview pane, which we can’t track
deleted without viewing
(which means they saw your business name and subject line when they hit delete)
caught in the recipients spam filter (and may be viewed later)
the recipient’s email has not been opened since we sent the campaign.
Some of these may be viewed later.

The key to having a successful e-newsletter is not only fresh content and offers to keep them coming back, but growing your list. The best way to grow your list is to ask your customers to sign up – tell them they are missing out on special offers and events if they are not on your list. Be sure to tell them that you do not sell your list, and that they can opt-out at any time.

Because our pricing is a flat rate, the more emails you have, the lower the cost per email!

There is a lot of detail in the reports, so feel free to call with questions. We want to make sure you are getting the most value from our service!