The goal with social media is to get your content in front of more people, so that they will think about coming to your center. We have successfully grown the visibility of every center we work with!  Here are some case studies on the success of our Facebook for Bowling service:


CASE #1  –  Using someone other than to manage your Facebook page

Dropped service - Allie Brandt

A center in New York decides to drop our service for a big name marketing firm, and sees a massive drop in the number of people they reach with their content.


Resumed service - Allie Brandt

After a couple of months with little success, they switch back to us and watch their numbers soar again!


Here is a center in Texas that was using the same ‘big name’ marketing firm in January, then started our service in February. They went from reaching a few hundred people per day, to reaching 3,000 people per day!



CASE #2  –  Kids Bowl Free Results


Center on the left used our Facebook for Bowling service in 2014, but not in 2015.  Result: 27% drop in sign ups.

Center on the right used our service  in 2014 & 2015. Result: 40% increase in sign ups each year!


CASE #3  –  Dropping our service vs adding our service

Dropped service - Shelby

Center in Michigan decides to cut expenses for the summer and drops our service. Goes from reaching 1000+ people per day with their content, to reaching a few dozen.


Added service - Lariat

Center in California realizes that 2 out of 3 adults have a Facebook page, signs up for our service in mid-April, and has their best summer in years!

The results are clear – our Facebook for Bowling service will make your center more visible in your community, which will result in more people coming thru your door!

Already have a member of your staff managing your page? No problem – we can work with them to take your page (and your results) to the next level!

Call us with questions at 541-549-0999 or fill out this form to get started!